Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sunday Ramble

Back in September we paid another visit to Treswell Woods, which is only a short distance away from where we live. What I like about the woods is that other than an occasional dog walker the place is deserted.  This time around with better weather the proceeding week the paths that were always water logged and muddy on previous visits had dried out so we where able to take a more meandering route than normal.

On a clear day, you can see for miles.  Below, in the distance is Lincoln Cathedral.

And the not so far away Cottam power station.

A Comma Butterfly.

The trail we followed skirted around the edge of the wood, giving us decent views of the rolling fields and countryside beyond.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Show Stoppers

The end of September brings the annual Collingham Country Show.  Last year, the weather was sunny and warm, 2016 turned out to be cool grey and very overcast (not the best of conditions for my camera, especially when trying to shoot birds of prey moving at speed from a distance) but it is always an event that we enjoy.

First off, a spot of horse acrobatics.

Birds of prey are a mainstay of the show. A vulture, Gyr Hawk and a Bald Eagle.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Here be Dragons - Part 2

A different type of dragon was flying around  Doddington Hall down by the lake.  The hot weather had brought the dragonflies out in force.  The hardest part is actually able to track these incredibly fast creatures and getting close enough to there landing spot to be able to take a decent photo (tip, don't let your shadow fall on them).

Monday, 26 September 2016

Here be Dragons

Back in August we stopped by Doddington Hall on our way to Lincoln with Ian, our Ex-Pat friend from Spain. There's a decent coffee shop and farm shop that sells good local produce.  There is also an incredible cycle shop (the biggest in Lincolnshire) which has its own coffee shop as well.   During the summer it also staged a sculpture exhibition.  The dragon stands outside the hall, and visitors are invited to hang strips of brightly coloured cloth on the sculpture.

Ian and the Dragon

Behind the hall is a small lake complete with arched bridge.

There was also a very elegant sculpture on the water.

Of course, if you have a decent sized body of water, then you'll also have ducks and the Doddington ducklings seemed to have learnt very quickly that humans can be a great source of food.

There are also several walks around the local area that you can follow. There are worse ways to spend a couple of hours.